Do Laxatives Help You To Lose Weight

Do Laxatives Help You To Lose WeightDo laxatives help you to lose weight is a question many people ask. The truth is, they do promote food digestion but this is a crude method and is not the best option for losing weight.

Basically what laxatives do is to try and imitate the same effect of diet supplements that bind calories together.

The common misconception that most people have is that although laxatives appear to have the same effect as weight loss supplements, they are in fact not the same.

Do Laxatives Help You To Lose Weight?

The answer would be no and would in fact probably cause more harm to you than good as they are not designed to be used in such a way.

The problem people have is that they think that because laxatives work like other weight loss supplements, they can eat like a pig and then use laxatives to rush the food through so it doesn’t stay behind and add weight.

This is not how they work and is a very unhealthy way of trying to lose weight.

You do not give your body chance to digest the food and take out of it all the nutrients and proteins it needs.

Laxatives Work In 3 Ways:

  • They soften the stool by adding water and / or fat into the stool which will increase the bulk of stool in return stimulating expulsion.
  • They lubricate the stool by adding fat to it. This will in turn result in your stool becoming smoother and theoretically be able to slide through the intestines easier.
  • They are used to stimulate the nerve endings of the colon which in return will stimulate expulsion.

So many people ask do laxatives help you to lose weight because they are known to be used by bulimics which is an eating disorder.

With bulimia it is not a weight loss method it is an eating disorder. It is a psychological disorder which triggers the person suffering from it to eat excessively and then intentionally purging food from their body to avoid weight gain.

With this problem, they are using laxatives as another method to purge food. They are using laxatives the same as induced vomiting.

They are not looking at laxatives as a weight loss method; they are looking at it as another form of purging.

Do Laxatives Help You To Lose Weight And What Are The Effects?

What you need to first realize is that laxatives have very little, if any effect on the small intestines. They work primarily on the colon which is at the end of the digestive system near the anus.

All the nutrients that your body takes from the foods you consumed take place in the small intestines, which is an area that laxatives have little or no effect at all.

So basically if you were to take a laxative straight after eating, you would purge stool however your body will still have absorbed all the calories and nutrients from the food in the first place.

So in terms of weight management, as long as you are consuming more calories than you should you will continue to increase in weight despite having used laxatives.

The Mind Trick Laxatives Play

What some people might notice is that there is a small amount of weight loss which incurs after the use of laxatives.

This is the mind trick it plays as it is in fact not body weight that you are losing it is actually water weight.

You lose water when you bulk up your stool to stimulate expulsion.

Now because many people don’t know this they continue to use laxatives in a bid to lose weight and end up using it excessively as they are falsely led to believe that it is working and they are losing weight.

The problem with all this weight loss is that your body registers what is happening and in realizing this starts to adjust to it by storing more water than it needs.

It does this because it thinks that it is not going to receive any more water and stores water in a bid to prevent dehydration.

So the whole process is actually counter-productive as you are purging yourself to pass stool to prevent the consumption of calories which you are already receiving.

Other Side Effects Of Laxatives:

  • Imbalance of Electrolytes (minerals your body needs)
  • Can cause permanent damage to the GI Tract
  • Can cause weakening of your bones
  • Can cause nausea, vomiting, fainting, rectal bleeding and stomach cramps


So as you can see, the side effects of using laxatives for weight loss far outweigh the reasons to use them.

Laxatives should really only be used when absolutely necessary and only used when you are suffering from something that laxatives are intended to be used for.

So before you ask do laxatives help you to lose weight, first stop to see what they are supposed to be used for.