Beef Brisket Recipes

Beef Brisket RecipesMany people all over the world love eating beef briskets, but very few really know of the history of this great meal. There is evidence that shows the invention and preparation of beef brisket recipes may just be how people started to barbecue meat.

During the early 1900s, many Germans were immigrating to Texas. This immigration was mainly because of the booming cattle industry in Texas and Germans fit in naturally as they had strong sausage-making and butchering skills.

They, like most cooks and butchers today, were proficient in taking tougher pieces of beef meet and then transforming them into edible foodstuffs like beef briskets.

One of the least liked cuts of meat during this period was the brisket. This was because of its high content of fat on both the inner and outer parts of the meat. In fact, most of the time brisket was boiled, braised and even fed to animals because of lack of a better use. During this time, grilling was all the rage in Texas.

Nevertheless, the experienced German butchers in Texas were in search of better ways of selling brisket, obviously they did not consider grilling it as a good option. It is believed that that this was when the first beef brisket recipes were created.
The Germans first began by cooking brisket slowly using low heat in closed pits and not grilling it openly over fire. This is the basic approach to most beef brisket recipes that we now use today. The high amount of fat in the brisket shrunk away and the meat did not dry out.

After over 12 hours of cooking the brisket in this manner, they finally had a big tender piece of meat with an appealing smoky flavor and less fat.
People are always looking to add new aspects to the old way of preparing beef brisket. You can still get a tasty smoked brisket through using the same technique the Germans used in the 1900s.

Best RecipesYou can even decide to spice it up with seasonings, spices and other great flavors. Some people just like the natural flavor of the beef brisket of the olden days.

Nowadays, beef brisket recipes contain a lot more than simply cuts of meat. Modern briskets are designed and prepared through considering modern diet needs.

Most chefs even look to create their own signatures on beef briskets. That is why there are so many flavors of briskets available today.

When buying a brisket, you should understand that cuts are less tender since the tissue primarily develops in the frequently exercised region of the chest. This means the brisket of older animals are usually a lot tougher compared to those got from younger ones.

In general, when tough meat is used for beef brisket recipes, then the final product becomes more flavorful. Once you have acquired your beef briskets, storage is very important. Controlling the temperature is the most vital part of storing beef briskets. Try storing your meat on a tray and also far away from other foodstuffs to avoid cross-contamination.