Tortellini Recipes

There is no better way to wind down a long tedious day than with a warm dish of the tortellini recipes! Tortellini is among a wide variety of pasta food, but its unique taste emanates from the meat and pork stuffed in between the ring-shaped pasta.

The main ingredients used to make tortellini are durum wheat, eggs and cheese, which give it a balanced nutrition. For vegetable tortellini, the pasta is stuffed with garden vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and red cabbages. It is a course meal and may be served with sauce such as bolognaise, carbonara and arabiata.

Tortellini RecipesTortellini recipes begin with a process of blanching which entails heating water with extra salt to the boiling point, then adding the tortellini and a little olive oil. If the tortellini is frozen, the first process would be to thaw the pasta to loosen up, then dipping it to heated water.

It would be best if thawing is done by steaming which will gradually loosen the frozen surface without breaking the pasta. While cooking, a large boiling pot should be used to ensure the tortellini is free to move about to cook evenly. The entire heating process takes a maximum of 5 minutes to preserve the delicate shape of the tortellini and maintain the nutritional integrity!

The meat and pork stuffed within the confines of the ring-shaped dough are precooked; they are added to the cooked pasta after boiling. Meat adds protein to the admixture of tortellini making it a perfect dish for dinner.

The nutritional values of tortellini recipes is much higher than for other pastas due to its limited cooking time that preserve most nutrients, and use of cheese fillings and stuffed meat that complements to the carbohydrate in the wheat. Serving it with wine, juice or other drinks will complete your meal as a full course dinner food.

A bite of a tortellini oozes the fine taste of meat on wheat present in most fast foods; but in tortellini, luster is added to the taste by cheese fillings tucked between the rings coils. Tortellini recipes never miss cheese as an ingredient whether it is meat or vegan.

Garnishing the dish is also easy and fun given the shapes as well as the discrete components of the tortellini. The rings are normally arranged round the plate in a fashionable pattern to the liking of a cook; however, you can also shape the rings to create a symbol to signify the evening.

Astonishingly, cream can be used to garnish tortellini although it is rarely added. Tomato concasse features as the prominent garnish ingredient for tortellini seconded by grilled cheese.
Other variations such as tortellini soup and tortellini salad can also be made from the tortellini recipes.

To make the soup, prepare broth and add chicken or meat, then heat for 35 minutes. Once it is done, add salt pepper and tortellini and heat for 3 minutes. For the salad, cook the tortellini, then drain the water and rinse with cold water. Add pepperoni, green onions, olives, mozzarella cheese, then stir gently and refrigerate.